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Working with your personal treasures (embellishing with a few enhancements when necessary) Maura “feels” the energy & potential beauty of a space. The result is …nothing short of a Magical Transformation”!

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Maura McDonnell, a holistic RN for over 35 years believes that total health not only involves diet, herbs & exercise, but also that our living spaces feel like a sanctuary in which to relax, rejuvenate & enjoy 🌿

After offering a free consultation, Maura works with her clients to use furniture & other treasures they may already have (adds new items when necessary to enhance or update the space) and ultimately creates a fresh feel & look that her clients have stated is nothing short of a “magical transformation!”

MauraThis! room displays can be found below as well as at the Shabby Chic Boutique and at Gotta Have It! Antique Market (both in Weaverville, NC)

Sophie Magazine – Holistic Nurse Turns Stager

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Free on site 1/2 hour consultation:

Provides overview and estimate cost of staging needs

Room by room staging at $50-$75 per hour

Maura works with clients to use as much of existing furniture and home decor as possible

With or without the client, she shops for and purchases additional furnishings and or decor. All purchases are finalized only upon the clients approval.

Client must assist in the de-cluttering (an essential aspect of improving the beauty, comfort and value of the home)

Client must also agree to provide or pay for outside assistance if moving heavy furniture is required

Final review of services

Request evaluation and or testimonial from clients

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You can also make an appointment for a free “room transformation” consultation by contacting her with the info below.